天津概况 (Brief Introduction of Tianjin)

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Brief Introduction of Tianjin



Tianjin, with more than 600 years since its establishment, is closely tied to the rivers and the Bohai Sea. As one of the four municipalities in China, Tianjin lies at the intersection of the Belt and Road. It is the maritime gateway of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. With a population of nearly 14 million, Tianjin is the largest open costal city in north China, covering a total area of 11,966.5 square kilometers. By the end of the 19th century, Tianjin had become a preeminent port for global trade.


Founded on manufacturing, Tianjin is designated for the building of one base and three zones, namely National Advanced Manufacturing R&D Base, Northern International Shipping Core Zone, Financial Innovation Operation Demonstration Zone and Reform and Opening-up Pioneer Zone. Represented by the new generation of information technology, bio-medicine, new energy and new material, equipment manufacturing, marine economy, and aerospace, the 100 billion-level high-tech industry cluster is gaining momentum and growing stronger. In the context of robust development of Tianjin and Binhai  New Area, 258 out of the world top 500 businesses have already invested in Tianjin. China (Tianjin) Pilot Free Trade Zone, which is located at the Binhai New Area, consists of three parts: Tianjin Port Dongjiang Area, Tianjin Airport and Binhai New Area Central Business District. The total area of TPFTZ is 119.9 square kilometers, accounting for 1% of Tianjins total area. Tianjin is a major port city for food import, parallel automobile import and aircraft leasing. It has become a magnet for global consumer goods.


Tianjin is home to the Tianjin Port, with 300,000-ton double channel, one of the largest artificial deep-water ports in the world. Tianjin Port has strong radiation power and has trade relations with more than 800 ports in over 200 countries and regions in the world. Each month, more than 550 liners navigate between Tianjin Port and other harbors around the world. It radiates 14 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region as well as midwest China, with a hinterland area of 5 million square kilometers, accounting for 52% of the total area of China. Tianjin port is an important modern comprehensive port in China which has been ranking top 10 in the world for consecutive years.


Tianjin National Convention and Exhibition Center (TNCEC) is a joint project of Ministry of Commerce and Tianjin Municipal Peoples Government. It is the venue for hosting major international meetings such as Summer Davos, World Intelligence Conference, etc. After Guangzhou and Shanghai, it is the third national modern exhibition center in China. The total construction area is 1.38 million square meters with an indoor exhibition area of 400,000 square meters and an outdoor exhibition area of 150,000 square meters. Upon its completion, TNCEC will become a new generation of green, smart and innovative national exhibition complex with the largest exhibition area in north China, the best usage experience, the most applications in green technology and the highest level of intelligence.


Tianjin is a vigorous and dynamic city with integrated ancient and modern cultures, friendly people and open and inclusive society. It is endowed with unique location, industries, port and transportation. Tianjin, a modern metropolis, is setting sail to embrace the world and explore infinite possibilities!

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